Hi! I'm Bermé Jordaan! (that's pronounced ber-may... its a little different i know ;) )

I'm a young creative from Taranaki, New Zealand! But I also travel the world!  

When I first discovered photography I loved the aesthetic of film combined with the people that it captures. The ability to stop time and hold that frozen genuine moment, the emotion, the mood of it all and be able to turn it into an art piece to be treasured forever.

Every person has their own unique beauty and story to express, that is what inspires me everyday and also why every photoshoot is unique.  

I must say that my style isn't for everyone! I'm someone who prefers mood and genuine emotion over technically correct and I love the in between moments which tell unforgettable stories.

I'm not for the faint hearted but for the people who aren't afraid to stray from the traditional, dance around or even scale mountains to get that breathtaking shot! 

Whether I'd have to jump on a plane or just walk around the corner, I'd be honoured to capture your stories and create something special for you, that you can pass on from generation to generation.

x o x o,