The Beauty in the Little Details

It's the little things. The things that sometimes get taken for granted, get drowned out by the big things, get forgotten and sometimes seen as just too plain or simple. But it is these little things that tend to have the greatest impact.

I have been to a few big glamorous weddings and don't get me wrong they were absolutely stunning. Yet they were missing a certain factor and that factor happens to be one of my favourite things about a wedding, marriage and undefining love.

One word, Intimacy.

This Wedding on the outskirts of little Wanganui was the definition of Intimacy. It was small with only twenty-four close family members. Set in the warmth of their own beautiful little cottage with a palette of warm oranges, soft whites and bluey greens. Outside the house was surrounded by giant aloes which was strange to see because in New Zealand I've never seen them that big before! But they created one of the most beautiful gardens I've seen. There were so many little details such as a few fairy lights, a couple of flowers and gorgeous embroidery on a simple yet stunning dress. The food was cooked by the groom himself (Jerram) and included a 'good ole' kiwi bbq. Their were so many beautiful, happy in between moments. I can say it was perfection with simplicity, elegance and charm. 

With this wedding being planned only a couple of weeks before the day you could add spontaneity to the mix. Spontaneous and Intimacy go together hand in hand. Because they did not have much time to plan it makes the wedding focus on the love that they share not only between themselves but also with their gorgeous baby girl and the family surrounding them on their special day. 

It's the little things that drive Intimacy. It's these little things that should not be taken for granted. I encourage you to look a little deeper today and try notice the little things and see the impact they have on your life personally. You might just surprise yourself.


Until next time,




Living for the rush, The sugar rush!

I really can't decide what was sweeter this little boy's excitement that he was let loose on a cake with no one stopping him or the actual cake itself! Actually no, it was definitely Jack and his excitement! He was a little unsure at first and kept looking at the cake and at the adults around him telling him to eat the cake. It was obvious what he was thinking... "this must be a trick... yup definitely a trick...they would never let me eat cake like this!?....but at the same time I REALLY want to grab it...." It was clear his mind was roaring with questions and confusion. But that confusion didn't last long when his mum put some into his mouth and he tasted the sugary goodness that was set in front of him. Still a little hesitant at first he grabbed some cake. Once he realised what he could do his face turned into a giant O and his eyes were smiling with happiness. From there cake seemed to spread across the whole of New Zealand! From his head all the way down to his toes. At a point his fingers were so cemented in frosting he didn't know what to do with them. Luckily he had his trusty jack russell friend Matilda to help him out. From there it was into the bath and into a sugar coma for this one year old!. This won't be last of Jack so stay tuned for some more of his story!!



Oh the feels!

Being winter in Taranaki there's a whole lot of rain, wind and everything else that is cold! This day was nothing less than the typical blizzardy winter day. These two were brave enough to leave their coats behind and set out on an adventure!!! Like I said in the 'about me' section of my website, my style is definitely not for the faint hearted! Believe me I am SUPER stoked that these two were not! Despite the rain they weren't afraid to head to Dawson falls to dance around and explore together. After the falls and getting a little splashed we headed to back beach and experienced one of the most beautiful, peaceful sunsets i have seen in winter in a long time! And like many of you who have worked with me know, going to the beach means getting in the water NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Capturing engagements is beautiful and so rewarding as it captures the very beginning of a life together, the bond that two souls have and the excitement of planning a life together. The love that Marizaan and Thomas have is undeniable when you look as these images. I absolutely loved this session, these two humans and the beauty that Taranaki can pull out of no where even on a miserable wintery day!!! I can't wait to fly from Florida to come photograph their Wedding next year! This is only part of their story! Let the adventures begin!!!



Peter Pan and the Lost Shoes

Once upon a time there was a boy called Peter Pan. Peter Pan was a giant for his age with the most strikingly beautiful blue eyes. He lived in a little town called Stratford with his beautiful mumma and his best friend Lady who was the most gentle friendly dog. 

On Sunday Peter Pan, his gorgeous mummy and the third wheeling photographer set out on a grand adventure. Off to the beach in their race car they went. Little did they know that the first obstacle they would come across was the fact that Peter Pan got car sick... but luckily the smart mummy had it covered and on went the day. Arriving at the beach the sun was shining it's brightest and the day was warm despite it being winter. They ran along the beach exploring and discovering so many things from caves to rocks as big as mountains. But Peter pan and his mum wasn't scared!!! No! Of course not!! They conquered them all! 

They were feeling so confident that they sailed out on their boats out into the waves! (The third wheeling photographer wasn't as brave so she stayed ashore) Everything was calm and then bam!! The sea roared in past them, surrounding their boats and splashing them with rage. "Stay on your boat mummy!" the brave Peter Pan said. 

As the sea began to grow calm and retreat. Peter Pan and his mum sailed back into shore. But they came back to find their photographer soaked and their shoes GONE! "Oh No!", He said. But they searched high and low and found their shoes one by one, hiding among the rocks.

It had a been a big day. So it was Ice blocks all around and time to head home. But the adventure never stops for Peter Pan and his mum! It was time to have backyard adventures with Lady! 

Back at home they ran, swung and climbed. Searching for the treasure and eating Jelly beans. Peter Pan even climbed high into the tree! And Oops! Out he toppled, with a big thud he hit the ground. But with a couple of healing hugs it was back to smiles and giggles in no time!

With Amber and Joby (Mum and Peter Pan) the adventures never stop! Check out these beautiful humans and their sweetest fluff ball!

Until next time



The Wedding in WangaVegas

Rose and Blair

I woke up and jumped out of bed, it was freezing cold and the sky was still dark. It was 5am and I was supposed to be in Waitotara at 7am to meet Sindy so that we could travel in to the hairdressers where Rose would be getting ready. It's funny at 5am because you cant tell if the day is going to be clear or not, it feels cold, dark and everything was wet. But as I drove the sun began to show to reveal the most beautiful sunrise and a gorgeous start to a wedding day. Little did I know that this would be the experience that would make me want to become a wedding photographer. The day was full on but had so many special moments from the laughs and snapchats at the hairdressers to the maid of honour losing it when she saw how beautiful her sister was all dressed up and of course the genuine love Rose and Blair has for each other. You see, wedding's are full of emotions and moments that can only be captured through being real and honest. This emotion and mood can't be captured through a "smile for the camera" photo but from capturing the moment as its happening, mid movement. These are the moments I have fallen in love with and which have sparked my passion for Wedding photography. I am truly blessed to have been given this opportunity with Sindy allowing me to let the artist in me go wild and to truly find my style. Take a scroll through the images and let them take you through the story, I hope you can find the emotion and mood of each one and fall in love with the moments as much as I do.

Bermé  xoxo



It's all about the flower girls!

The Wedding of Andrew and Becky

When Becky first told me about her wedding the first thing she mentioned was that she was so excited about her 18 flower girls. I had to pause for a moment and make sure I just heard correct. "Wait... 18 Flower girls!!?". I guess that's what happens when you're a teacher at great kids and want to involve all the little girls. What's more is Becky did not want photos of her and her bridesmaids getting ready but wanted the main focus to be on the flower girls! I was a little unsure at first I have to admit but it turned out to be one of the most rewarding aspects of this wedding! I got there and with all 18 little princesses running around, getting their hair done, putting their shoes on and watching the greatest movie ever..... MOANA!! With all of their tutus flowing everywhere it looked like we were getting ready for a big ballet performance!! When it was time to come through the doors and up the isle they all trotted in, in their little groups with the most perfect excitement, curiosity and beauty across their faces. Once they were up the top jaws dropped, as Becky as beautiful as ever strode in with her dad by her side. Looking at Andrew and seeing his face with a glint of tears in his eyes and an expression of love which cannot be explained, it was like everything at stood still and in that moment, everyone was in silent awe.

This wedding was spontaneous, happy, beautiful, full of laughter and of course lots of love! Take a scroll and let the pictures take you on a journey of Andrew and Becky's Big day!

Congrats Becky and Andrew! Remember this is only the beginning! The big adventures are yet to come!  Bermé  xoxo

Congrats Becky and Andrew! Remember this is only the beginning! The big adventures are yet to come!