Peter Pan and the Lost Shoes

Once upon a time there was a boy called Peter Pan. Peter Pan was a giant for his age with the most strikingly beautiful blue eyes. He lived in a little town called Stratford with his beautiful mumma and his best friend Lady who was the most gentle friendly dog. 

On Sunday Peter Pan, his gorgeous mummy and the third wheeling photographer set out on a grand adventure. Off to the beach in their race car they went. Little did they know that the first obstacle they would come across was the fact that Peter Pan got car sick... but luckily the smart mummy had it covered and on went the day. Arriving at the beach the sun was shining it's brightest and the day was warm despite it being winter. They ran along the beach exploring and discovering so many things from caves to rocks as big as mountains. But Peter pan and his mum wasn't scared!!! No! Of course not!! They conquered them all! 

They were feeling so confident that they sailed out on their boats out into the waves! (The third wheeling photographer wasn't as brave so she stayed ashore) Everything was calm and then bam!! The sea roared in past them, surrounding their boats and splashing them with rage. "Stay on your boat mummy!" the brave Peter Pan said. 

As the sea began to grow calm and retreat. Peter Pan and his mum sailed back into shore. But they came back to find their photographer soaked and their shoes GONE! "Oh No!", He said. But they searched high and low and found their shoes one by one, hiding among the rocks.

It had a been a big day. So it was Ice blocks all around and time to head home. But the adventure never stops for Peter Pan and his mum! It was time to have backyard adventures with Lady! 

Back at home they ran, swung and climbed. Searching for the treasure and eating Jelly beans. Peter Pan even climbed high into the tree! And Oops! Out he toppled, with a big thud he hit the ground. But with a couple of healing hugs it was back to smiles and giggles in no time!

With Amber and Joby (Mum and Peter Pan) the adventures never stop! Check out these beautiful humans and their sweetest fluff ball!

Until next time