Oh the feels!

Being winter in Taranaki there's a whole lot of rain, wind and everything else that is cold! This day was nothing less than the typical blizzardy winter day. These two were brave enough to leave their coats behind and set out on an adventure!!! Like I said in the 'about me' section of my website, my style is definitely not for the faint hearted! Believe me I am SUPER stoked that these two were not! Despite the rain they weren't afraid to head to Dawson falls to dance around and explore together. After the falls and getting a little splashed we headed to back beach and experienced one of the most beautiful, peaceful sunsets i have seen in winter in a long time! And like many of you who have worked with me know, going to the beach means getting in the water NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Capturing engagements is beautiful and so rewarding as it captures the very beginning of a life together, the bond that two souls have and the excitement of planning a life together. The love that Marizaan and Thomas have is undeniable when you look as these images. I absolutely loved this session, these two humans and the beauty that Taranaki can pull out of no where even on a miserable wintery day!!! I can't wait to fly from Florida to come photograph their Wedding next year! This is only part of their story! Let the adventures begin!!!