The Beauty in the Little Details

It's the little things. The things that sometimes get taken for granted, get drowned out by the big things, get forgotten and sometimes seen as just too plain or simple. But it is these little things that tend to have the greatest impact.

I have been to a few big glamorous weddings and don't get me wrong they were absolutely stunning. Yet they were missing a certain factor and that factor happens to be one of my favourite things about a wedding, marriage and undefining love.

One word, Intimacy.

This Wedding on the outskirts of little Wanganui was the definition of Intimacy. It was small with only twenty-four close family members. Set in the warmth of their own beautiful little cottage with a palette of warm oranges, soft whites and bluey greens. Outside the house was surrounded by giant aloes which was strange to see because in New Zealand I've never seen them that big before! But they created one of the most beautiful gardens I've seen. There were so many little details such as a few fairy lights, a couple of flowers and gorgeous embroidery on a simple yet stunning dress. The food was cooked by the groom himself (Jerram) and included a 'good ole' kiwi bbq. Their were so many beautiful, happy in between moments. I can say it was perfection with simplicity, elegance and charm. 

With this wedding being planned only a couple of weeks before the day you could add spontaneity to the mix. Spontaneous and Intimacy go together hand in hand. Because they did not have much time to plan it makes the wedding focus on the love that they share not only between themselves but also with their gorgeous baby girl and the family surrounding them on their special day. 

It's the little things that drive Intimacy. It's these little things that should not be taken for granted. I encourage you to look a little deeper today and try notice the little things and see the impact they have on your life personally. You might just surprise yourself.


Until next time,