Living for the rush, The sugar rush!

I really can't decide what was sweeter this little boy's excitement that he was let loose on a cake with no one stopping him or the actual cake itself! Actually no, it was definitely Jack and his excitement! He was a little unsure at first and kept looking at the cake and at the adults around him telling him to eat the cake. It was obvious what he was thinking... "this must be a trick... yup definitely a trick...they would never let me eat cake like this!?....but at the same time I REALLY want to grab it...." It was clear his mind was roaring with questions and confusion. But that confusion didn't last long when his mum put some into his mouth and he tasted the sugary goodness that was set in front of him. Still a little hesitant at first he grabbed some cake. Once he realised what he could do his face turned into a giant O and his eyes were smiling with happiness. From there cake seemed to spread across the whole of New Zealand! From his head all the way down to his toes. At a point his fingers were so cemented in frosting he didn't know what to do with them. Luckily he had his trusty jack russell friend Matilda to help him out. From there it was into the bath and into a sugar coma for this one year old!. This won't be last of Jack so stay tuned for some more of his story!!