The Wedding in WangaVegas

Rose and Blair

I woke up and jumped out of bed, it was freezing cold and the sky was still dark. It was 5am and I was supposed to be in Waitotara at 7am to meet Sindy so that we could travel in to the hairdressers where Rose would be getting ready. It's funny at 5am because you cant tell if the day is going to be clear or not, it feels cold, dark and everything was wet. But as I drove the sun began to show to reveal the most beautiful sunrise and a gorgeous start to a wedding day. Little did I know that this would be the experience that would make me want to become a wedding photographer. The day was full on but had so many special moments from the laughs and snapchats at the hairdressers to the maid of honour losing it when she saw how beautiful her sister was all dressed up and of course the genuine love Rose and Blair has for each other. You see, wedding's are full of emotions and moments that can only be captured through being real and honest. This emotion and mood can't be captured through a "smile for the camera" photo but from capturing the moment as its happening, mid movement. These are the moments I have fallen in love with and which have sparked my passion for Wedding photography. I am truly blessed to have been given this opportunity with Sindy allowing me to let the artist in me go wild and to truly find my style. Take a scroll through the images and let them take you through the story, I hope you can find the emotion and mood of each one and fall in love with the moments as much as I do.

Bermé  xoxo